Work Parties

Work Parties 2018

Our next scheduled party is April 20-22, 2018. We’re reviewing our calendar and expect to announce future dates soon.

If you want to come visit Emerald Earth, help out with our projects, meet interesting people, and learn something new at the same time, a work party may be your best option. Work parties have been a huge benefit to the community over the years, helping us accomplish difficult tasks like moving big logs, plastering buildings, turning garden beds, and building cob and straw bale walls. Participants camp on the land, swim in the pond, help prepare meals, tour the buildings and other projects, and get their questions answered about Emerald Earth and our membership process. Expect a rich combination of hard work, good food, and fun.

Bring what you need to camp out (we have very little indoor sleeping space), work clothes (you are likely to get muddy), a towel (for the sauna), rain gear if coming in the spring or fall, a flashlight, musical instruments, $10 per person/ per day to help cover food costs, and if you want, food or other items to share (see our wish list). Please register in advance, as we have a maximum size and sometimes have to turn people away. Let us know how many people are coming and when to expect you. Also let us know where you’re coming from so we can help arrange carpooling.