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Visiting Emerald Earth

Work Parties:

The best way to visit for the first time is at a work party, which we hold several times a year.  These are great opportunities to meet everyone on the land and see how we live and work.  Over the course of a weekend, you get to participate in projects, go on tours, ask questions at our communities information talk, swim in the pond, sweat in the sauna, and meet other amazing people like yourself who are curious about this unique lifestyle. Check out our Work Party page.

We are a rural intentional community focused on sustainable living on the land, through the use of consensus process, permaculture and natural building. One great way to spend some time here and really get to know how we live and work is to join us as an intern. Check out the Internship Page.

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Several times a year we offer workshops on a variety of different aspects of what we’re doing. Check out the Workshops page.

Just dropping by:

As this is our home and we have numerous projects keeping us busy, we discourage folks from just dropping in.  If you are in the area only briefly and are very excited to visit us, feel free to contact us at in advance so that we can make arrangements.  We appreciate time spent helping out around the farm and/or a generous donation, as we will be taking time out of our busy lives to host you.