Intro to Land Management Philosophy

by Tom

If humanity is to weather the impending climate chaos, we must find a way to reverse our historically detrimental impact on the biosphere and move toward a global culture that is inherently supportive of the healthy functioning of the ecosystem. It will not be enough to be “sustainable” as currently defined – to satisfy our present needs without diminishing the prospects of future generations. It occurs to me that we must be “repletive” both as the opposite of depletive and also as the holding of an intention to enhance the abundant, thriving resilience of our landscape and community.

As we adapt the indigenous land stewardship practices and Holistic Resource Management techniques to our land we are learning how to give to our ecosystem more than we receive in return. In the process we are building the ecoliteracy we will need to propel us into a future that sees humans as a regenerative element of our local ecosystem. In this issue of The Dirt we include the recently composed philosophy of land management that will guide the refinement of our mission and the fleshing out of our master plan. We hope that you will see the value of this pioneering work and contribute to this effort by supporting Emerald Earth in some way this year.