Fundamentals of Animal Track and Sign

May 22, 2016 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Emerald Earth Sanctuary

This class will include some lecture and field time as we cover the fundamentals of animal tracks. We will examine track characteristics and animal behavior in order to discern different species. Animal sign such as scat, chews, scrapes, and beds will inform us of our neighbors, as we learn to detect patterns on the landscape. We will also look at how animals interact with the vegetation and how vegetation informs the tracker where the animals may be residing.  This class invites participants to take look at the landscapes from the perspective of the animal so that participants can better understand movement and behavior. Through observation, skull examination, and foot morphology we will gain a better understanding about how the land informs the animal and how the animal shapes a landscape.


meghanWith great fortune, Meghan Walla-Murphy has been able to combine her passions for animal tracking, writing and outreach into vocations of environmental conservation and public awareness. As an educator, ecological consultant and author, Meghan strives to help people connect their external and internal landscapes. To better understand her own landscapes, she studied native plant medicine with Chumash Medicine Woman Cecilia Garcia for 8 years. Meghan has been tracking avidly for the past 18 years, which adds depth and breadth to her work in conservation ecology and wildlife research. She is author of Fishing the Russian River, and co-authored a book on tracking with carnivore biologist Dr. James Halfpenny. Meghan has traveled extensively in the US, Southern Africa, and Brasil, to learn from diverse trackers who use their skills for research, hunting, and education. For more information please visit: