Common Building Update

by Tom

With the majority of the framing of the New Common Building completed 2 seasons ago, we concentrated this past year on some natural building infill projects. The Natural Building Intensive was instrumental in this progress.
The cob was completed in the Meeting Room, the base layer of the Entry floor was laid, several wall sections were stuffed with light straw clay and much plaster was spread on bare walls.

This year we intend to complete the framing of the East End roof, install many of the remaining windows and doors, move forward on earth works such as plastering and floor pouring, and clarify some finish work design details.

Brent is inviting natural builders to come for the month of August to share the fun. We’d like to mill the lumber for the 3 exterior deck areas this year and replenish our stock of lumber for general use, but so far we do not have room in our budget for that expense. It looks like we are going to need somewhere between $30,000 and $50,000 more to complete the building and outfit it with all the kitchen appliances, heating and cooling facilities, and furniture that will be required for the space to work for our projected base population and to accomodate groups.

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