There is a lot going on here, and we don’t always reply to emails or phone messages in a timely manner. Please check out this page of Frequently Asked Questions before contacting us by phone or email.

Are you open to new members?

We are looking for people whose vision and passions are in alignment with ours and who already possess skills to contribute to our project.   There are many ways to live in community, and this rural, land based, close-knit style is not for everyone.  If you think this may be what you’re looking for, check out the membership page for more information.

What is the best way to visit?

Our work parties happen several times a year, and are a great way to meet us, take a tour, help out, and ask questions.  It is a period of time that we set aside from our busy lives and projects to meet people, answer questions, and work together on the land.  Check out the work parties page for more information and dates of upcoming workshops.

Can I visit and intern for a few days?

We generally ask interns to commit to a 2 month minimum stay.  That said, if you’d like to come and participate for a few days to a few weeks, please contact us at community@emeraldearth.org.  If the timing is right, we may be able to work something out.  We generally ask visitors to contribute 30-40 hours of work/week plus $10/day for food, and to be prepared to camp in the summer months.

How do I sign up for the natural building apprenticeship?

Unfortunately, we are not offering this apprenticeship in 2015.  We are in the process of building our new common house, and have lots of finish work, roofing, etc. to do.  Not so much natural building left to do.  There will be some smaller natural building projects, such as pouring an earthen floor and plastering, that will be happening periodically.  If you are interested in participating in them, contact us at workshops at emeraldearth.org.

I’m in the area today.  Can I stop by for a tour?

We love to show off our home and all the projects we have in progress here.  However, these projects–as well as the rest of our lives–keep us very busy.   Accommodating drop in guests requires us to suspend other important work we are doing.  Please try to visit when we are having a work party or other event.  If that isn’t possible, please try to contact us at least two weeks before you will be in the area, and we will see if someone is available to show you around.  We would appreciate a generous donation for someone to take time out of their day for a privately scheduled tour.

I am a princess/king/widow from Nigeria/Mali/Ghana and I need some help getting my money out of the country.  Can you help me?

Feel free to send it to our paypal account.  You donation is tax deductible.  Otherwise, no.